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 Our Commitment:
Have the safety content you want, need and will use.
Keep it Simple
Compliance Training to any individual who desires or firm to protect its employees.
affordable Premium Fee-based services with a friction-free user experience.
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Turn-Key HSE Cloud-SaaS Service - Starts at $69.00 per Trainee per Year; Includes Learning Management System (LMS), 400+ Courses. Free Setup / Support & much more!

The More folks you hire the less it costs to train with SafeWorkday!

With CDP's Training Software as a Service (T-SaaS), you can afford to train; a Department, a Division or an entire company from the Cloud. Benefits includes a low cost, [90.8% Cost Savings! ] zero infrastructure, and scalability from small teams to thousands of simultaneous users. Online Delivery / Tracking / Reporting Software and 400+ Modules provided [Content Catalog] ...  complete training reports with excel download with multiple sort fields | Exception report for trainee completed / incomplete training by trainee and trainee supervisor NOW - Includes an ISNetworld report for your TRAV training upload!

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LMS Formats

You purchased a Learning Management System (LMS) for your company, or perhaps an eLearning module came with your HR or Talent Management platform.

Now you need safety content!

SafetyPoints Safeworkday offers our high quality safety training courses not only in SCORM 1.2 format, we include other compatible formats compatible with most LMS systems for multiple delivery and training options.

Our courses include:

Course Content work files which you may edit and republish in multiple formats along with LMS ready
SCORM 1.2 & HTML WEB Versions | HTML5-Mobile ready
Course Videos mp4 (Internet & Mobile)
Course pdf Handouts
Course Audio Podcasts mp3
Course PowerPoint presentations with audio
Course Quizzes
Full Documentation
Online, Classroom, Mobile - you get it all!

Many clients who have used an alternative eLearning content provider tell us our courses are much more effective AND less expensive!

We test your LMS for delivery before purchase. Verified LMS installation; Convergence, SABA, SumTotal, RISC, SuccessFactors, MaxiT, Blackboard, Moodle, Cornerstone and many more.. and we can do your LMS course(s) install if requested (time charge)!

SCORM 2004 or Tin Can compatibility is also available – contact us for details.


Review CORE 75 LMS READY Courses Less than $250 per Course!

GET STARTED with the Core Package


YOUR OWN LMS PLUS - MOODLE Learning Management System plus the CORE Content Installed and Ready to Use

NO OTHER FIRM OFFERS YOU THIS OPTION - ONE PACKAGE - Server installed and ready to train!

These OSHA-ready courses are carefully written by CDP's experts. Ready-to-use online training - add your employees and you are ready to use.

Each workplace safety topic delivers effective training on required OSHA training regulations or frequent accident causes.

Your Training Site  includes: 

  • 75+ SCORM Courses Included!...Fully researched and expertly designed safety meetings on key OSHA-required topics.
  • Sessions with AUDIO - we do the talking for you! Professional trainer - no extra cost.
  • Quizzes quizzes and completion certificates
    Print tests for comprehension.
  • MOODLE 1.9 LMS Package with the CORE 75+ courses $24,999.00 (MOODLE 3.0 LMS Package is available but involves extra charge please contact for details)




SafetyPoints SimplySafety  Online Training for Small Firms

LESS THAN 25 EMPLOYEES - No Problem...Train with more than 300 courses to choose - $5 per course!

CDP provides a selection of online safety training courses covering today's most relevant workplace safety topics. The training content is designed to help you keep your organization safe and OSHA compliant. Online safety training is accessible 24/7 and convenient for all users—any time of the day or night, at any location.

Training Presentations includes: 

  • 100s Safety Courses; narrated,  testing, reports, certificates and more   ...Fully researched and expertly designed safety meetings on key OSHA-required topics.
  • Interactive exercises Involving exercises to get buy-in and increase comprehension


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 Easy. Powerful. OPEN SYSTEM ARchitecture. Complete.


Designed by Safety People for Safety People.
Unlimited training sessions for all trainees No IT Resources required
Free support 
PowerPoint | Classroom Training Package $1,899

Unlimited user training

Commercial quality

Includes 75+ Premium courses

Comprehensive individual course Quizzes

FREE Support

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Full Documentation | Narrated Courses | Quizzes | Trainer Guide | BONUS - Comprehensive 1600 Page Safety Manual

PREMIUM Plus Training Less than $69 per user/yr


Unlimited user training

Includes 300+ Premium courses

Private Label with your company logo

Integrated Database Records Management

Free Support

LMS CONTENT less than$250 a course

Unlimited user training

75 Core HSE courses

$250 per course

Priced with modifiable course templates

Verified LMS installation & testing; SABA, SubTotal, RISC, SuccessFactors, MaxiT, Blackboard and many more.

About us

In the 1970's, our founder was crippled in a mining accident. His job training for the job consisted of 45 minutes of instructions on how to drive a TEREX rock truck fully loaded up and down a mountain. The training was inadequate and he is paying the consequences for the rest of his life. He understands that an injured employee and his employer are not the only ones affected by an incident. Entire families are affected, many times for generations. That's why we are in this business, to make training available (and affordable) for anyone to assist in preventing injuries at work or home.

Our vision

It's simple, when it comes to safety, we want everyone to be trained; No Excuses, No Bull. We focus our efforts in creating effective affordable and accessible solutions so that everyone can be trained, minimizing the cost, the resources needed, and train 24/7, anytime and place.

Our experience

Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. (CDP's) team - for 20+ years has served as a full service production, course development and content provider for your QHSE Classroom, CBT and Internet-based training to firms worldwide.

Our goal & training model

Our Goal: Develop a global community to support a social constructionist framework of QHSE education.

Our Model: Our Services... Provide FREE training to any firm which desires or needs to train plus the ability to upgrade to premium services for needed compliance and operator reporting. As your firm grows the reporting of training completion will increase and you will desire full database rather than individual trainee course reporting.

For example, If you have in excess of 100 trainees taking 20 courses each (2,000+ individual  reports to track and document) you will be able to justify the cost of the upgrade in time savings and/or administration costs.

Do upgrade if using the FREE training service costs you more in time and productivity tracking manual training records than the cost of the Premium upgrade with full reporting...  so, upgrade to PREMIUM Plus Training service which you will find to be the best value available, starting at $69.00 per trainee per year, with unlimited training on all the courses in the course catalog.

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Troy Hackworth -  Safety Ninja

What people say

CDP has helped me put together automated training packs with timed narration. He did a great job!!

Hector E. Cavazos - CHESM advisor at Chevron

CDP has saved 10's of thousands of dollars for several companies that I have been safety Director or higher positions within our training development process. CDP's training products are professionally done and extremely cost effective.

David Spall - BP Pipelines

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